May 24, 2021

10U Girls County Cup

Venue: Manor Park, Malvern
Date: 22/23 May 2021


  • Chris Marlow (Captain)
  • Katy Lewin (assistant)
  • Grace
  • Mia
  • Leanna  
  • Freya

The Herefordshire & Worcestershire 10U Girls County Team played in the County Cup competition on Saturday 22nd May and Sunday 23rd May 2021 at Manor Park Tennis Club, Malvern. There were four teams represented in group F; Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire & Worcestershire.  

Day 1


The team arrive in good time for everyone to complete their warm-up and have a knock-up, albeit in the rain. The other teams join us on the courts and it’s great to see all the good, young players. The girls are excited and after practicing their doubles formations and some singles practice points, we are ready to go. The player nominations are made and the referee has his captains’ briefing, a quick chat with the players, and we are underway. The weather improves through the afternoon and the sunshine comes out!

H&W v Shropshire:

The Shropshire team are down a player. We get off to a great start as Mia and Leanna take to the courts and win their singles matches. Mia beat Iris 7-5 in the second set tie-break playing very positive tennis and Leanna hits the ball with great height and depth to beat Clara 4-0 4-2.  Grace hits the court and gets straight into playing top tennis moving her opponent side to side with great angles and driving some fantastic winners. Grace wins her match comfortably 4-0 4-1. As Shropshire are a player down Freya has a practice match with Clara.

Leanna and Freya take on our Katy Lewin and Clara in a friendly doubles game to practice their tactics. Grace and Mia finish off a great match win with an overpowering performance beating Iris and Maddie 4-0 4-0.

H&W win 6-0

H&W v Derbyshire:

Freya and Leanna are up first. Freya is involved in a battle against Alexia and fights back from a set down with real determination to win 2-4 4-0 10-8.  Leanna plays Francesca and, in what could have been a very close match, starts to play some amazing ‘no miss’ tennis and closes the match out 4-1 4-2. Mia and Grace are up. Grace plays Ffion in a high quality, hard hitting game. Grace wins the first set and the second set goes to a tie-break. Grace holds her nerve and takes the tie-break 7-5! Mia stays focused and wins 4-2 4-1 against a potentially difficult opponent striking lots of forehand winners. On to the doubles.

Freya and Leanna go on a play a great match winning 4-2 4-1. They use the both back formation well and attack beautifully when given the chance. Grace and Mia play Ffion and Alexia and win the first set 4-0 demonstrating sound tactical awareness focusing hard on attacking the weaker player as well as some amazing ‘i’ formation tennis with Grace popping up and hitting lots of rection volley winners. Derbyshire turn it around in the second set and lead 3-0. The H&W girls fight back and at 3-2 the girls save set point and force the tie-break. Keeping calm heads, they win the tie break 8-6. H&W 10U girls on a roll!

H&W win 6-0

Day 2


We arrive and the conditions are dry but heavy rain is forecast so everyone is keen to get underway quickly. After a brief warm-up and knock-up, the players are ready to go! A win today and H&W 10U girls win the group!

H&W v Staffordshire:

Leanna and Freya are on first. Leanna adopts her ‘no miss’ tennis strategy and Sonya could not find a way past her. Leanna gets us off to a great start winning 4-0 4-0. Freya is in a closer contest and the second set goes to a tie-break. Freya again shows real determination and closes the tie-break out 7-2! Mia loses the first game in her match against Hannah looking a little tight. However, she finds her flow in the second game and goes on to win 4-1 4-1 with more amazing forehand winners. Grace gets off to a quick start with some great winners and attacking play. She overwhelms Katie and wins comfortably 4-0 4-0.

The match is won but there are still the doubles to play. Everyone is keen to get on straight away as the weather is getting worse and the wind is picking up!

Mia and Grace make short work of their match winning 4-0 4-0 with some great attacking play. Leanna and Freya close out their match against Safiyah and Jasmine 4-1 4-1 to finish off a great weekend.

H&W win 6-0


H&W in first place!!

The H&W 10U Girls team did fantastically to win group F and did it without dropping a rubber. The team spirit was amazing and the girls played some beautiful tennis. I would like to thank our parents for getting the girls to the event on time and providing the team with fantastic support throughout the weekend.  Thanks also to Katy for her help and assistance.


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